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Triple-Pane Windows

Three panes of glass are not enough to give you the benefits of a triple-pane window. True triple-pane windows require a 1-3/8” glazing pocket, creating the right airspace between the glass. This gives you excellent insulating and noise-reducing barriers. Available in picture, sliding, casement, awning and custom.

Four-Pane Windows

Our quad-pane window is, quite simply, unmatched. If you want the best, this is it. Four panes of glass in 2″ glazing pockets add up to truly impressive insulation and noise reduction. This is yet another proven design our engineers developed to meet even our toughest extremes. Available in casement, picture and awning designs.  

Triple-Pane SLIDER

Our series of sliding windows are proven, cold-weather windows. The 1-3/8” glazing pocket and tight-sealing closure provides SUPERB insulation and noise reduction not found in other sliders. If you prefer sliders, this is the window your home deserves.

Made for Alaska

Windows made in the Lower 48 are designed for homes in the Lower 48. Northerm windows are designed for the high winds and subzero temperatures of Alaska’s northern climate.


Preferred by custom builders, engineered to perform the highest level of insulation, Northerm windows are fully customizable to serve as the architect’s showpiece of a great home.


Northerm windows provide a degree of insulating power (R-value) that compares with a structure’s walls. This “green” approach significantly reduces the energy necessary for home-heating.


Feel confident placing your baby’s crib near a window. Northerm windows virtually eliminate the heat transfer (the “cold draft” feeling) caused by conventional, mass-produced windows.